Olney Industrial Development Corporation

The Olney Industrial Development Corporation is the

economic development arm for Olney, Texas.

    Olney is a rural community in north central Texas located one hundred miles west of Fort Worth, forty miles south of Wichita Falls, two hundred miles east of Lubbock and ninety miles northeast of Abilene. This rural location provides easy access to larger markets, but allows a relaxed and affordable lifestyle to its citizens. 

    As the entity charged with the responsibility of creating jobs and helping the community grow and prosper, the OIDC is working hard to make various companies aware of the opportunities in Olney, as well as assisting existing businesses and industries.  

    The mission of the Olney Industrial Corporation is  to enhance the strength and stability of the Olney economy through the support of existing industry and the attraction of manufacturing and service sector business which bring new capital and employment opportunities into the community.

     Olney's telecommunications service is also more than satisfactory for any business. Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc., founded in 1952, is a rapidly growing firm that stays on the cutting edge of technology in communications.

  Although the community of Olney has a population of 3,500, the surrounding six-county area provides a forty-five mile radius of potential employees in which to recruit. This represents a commute time of forty minutes or less with a total population of approximately 150,000. The main benefit of the work force in north central Texas is a tremendous work ethic and a productivity level that is second to none. 

Right to Work State, Available Labor Force
Industrial Start-up Training Programs
No Corporate Profits or Unitary Tax
No Personal Income Tax
Industrial Development Bond Financing
Rural Development Loans

Tax Abatement: Considered on Individual Basis
Enterprise Zone: Yes
Industrial Foundation: Yes
Other: OIDC half cent Industrial Sales Tax

Olney Industrial Development Corporation Board

Phil Jeske II Air Tractor
Carl Craig Geologist
Mark Horany, Vice President Mark's Motors
Brent Ballard Gulfstream Technologies
Danny Stewart Stewart's Food Store
Wiley J. Hughey Director of OIDC


Olney Industrial Development Corporation
108 East Main Street
Olney, Texas 76374
(940) 564-5879 Fax (940) 564-3610
Wiley J. Hughey, OIDC Director

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